A Short Update

Well, we've made some BIG life changes in the past few weeks. RockerDad lost his job and that was the catalyst for our big move. We've left Tennessee and are now living in the greater Chicago area.

We're still getting settled (we're staying with relatives temporarily), but I hope to be posting about our preschool experiences very soon.


  1. oo sorry to hear that he lost his job! I hope you get settled quickly! Thats a big move I hope everyone adjusts quickly!

  2. I'm sorry that you've got so many unexpected things going on right now. It's been over two years and one move since my husband lost his job. We've been self-employed since. It's not been easy, but God is always faithful! Tennessee to Chicago is quite a switch~but think of the cool places you'll get to visit for homeschooling! That's one reason I'd love to live near a big city!


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