Back in the Swing of Things

Things are hardly "back to normal" in our lives, but we have actually managed to resume our preschool work. Yes, many of our tools and books are in storage in TN, but we're making the most of what we have with us.

We started back on Monday. I suppose it's because of the severe lack of other options, but Robbie has been flying through his work and begging for more.

I'll post a full update on Friday, but I wanted to post because it feels good to be settling into some sort of routine.


  1. What do you recommend I start with first, Phonics Pathways or Pyramid? curlyboom at yahoo dot com

  2. You'd need to start with Phonics Pathways. Pyramid (now called Reading Pathways) shouldn't be started until after you get so far into Phonics Pathways. I don't have the newest edition, but they probably have info as to where to start. Good luck!!


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