Tiny Talk Tuesday

Robbie is 38 months old.

While spelling the word "peel":

"Peel is just pee with an L!"
(followed by lots of giggling)


During a phone conversation with me while he was spending the night at my parents' house:

"I will eat popcorn, watch a movie with Papa, go night-night with Papa, wake up, eat cereal and then I will call you to come and get me so Moo can get ready for church."

(I think he's better at planning than I am! FYI: Moo is what he calls my Mom.)


  1. Hi and good morning to you. I found you on the Hip Homeschool Hop today! I hope you enjoy your day and stop on by!


  2. Stopping by from blog hop. Great job on your blog I am just starting out:) Still trying to figure it all out.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes! So cute!
    Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Hop!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. You have to appreciate a man with a plan!

  5. Thanks for joining in the Hip Homeschool Mom's Hop! You have such a great blog!


  6. I love the "pee" comment. Too funny. That acutally reminds me of a poem that I know. Here it is:
    Swimming in the swimming pool
    is where I like to "B,"
    wearing underwater goggles
    so that I can "C."
    Yesterday, before I swam,
    I drank a cup of "T."
    Now the pool is just an “ool”
    because I took a "P."

    It's by Kenn Nesbitt

    By the way, we're all better this week. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  7. Love kids' spelling:

    My 6yo came to me proud as can be with the word POO written on the page. Fortunately, I didn't say anything other than, "Oh, what are you writing?" Because he responded, "pool." From there, we corrected the spelling and laughed about what he had actually written.

    Stopping by from TTT. Thanks for visiting our family's blog!

  8. Love the spelling giggles and the "plan"... my girls like to have a plan... so funny to hear them trying to figure out which store to stop at first:)

  9. So precious!

    Thank you so much for joining the Hip Homeschool Hop today.

    The Homeschool Chick

  10. Great spelling lesson...with a lovely sense of humor :)

    Happy TTT!


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