Reading to Mommy...

Well, not much has changed since last week. He's still trying to read everything. He only did one or two lessons out of Phonics Pathways this week. He re-read a few of his I See Sam books. He was much more into puzzles this past week than reading, so I followed his lead.

I'm very pleased with his progress and I'm not interested in pushing him. I'm sure there will be weeks where there isn't much to report, but I'll report anyway because I think I'll enjoy looking back on these posts.

Do you have a little one learning to read? I'd love to follow your progress and read about your methods. Please, feel free to leave a link to your blog in a comment below!

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  1. Right now, we are just looking for more books that interest her enough to read independently. JC, 4 prefers to listen to stories even though she can read the easy readers on her own.


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