Reading to Mommy..

His reading seems to have really taken off this week. Out of seemingly nowhere, he's reading just about everything he sees wherever he goes. We're still working through our program of choice (Phonics Pathways) and he definitely still needs it, but we're going to have to move a bit more quickly through the lessons if I want to hold his interest.

He's read a few "I See Sam" and other beginner books to me this past week and I'm very happy with his fluency. He's really only sounding out the longer words (which is fine with me). I will continue to help him when he comes across a word that he struggles with or doesn't know the rule(s) yet.

I realize that these posts may seem overly positive, but I'm really pleased with his reading progress. Does he read perfectly? No. Does he always want to read? No... but when he does, he's doing great!

I'm so proud of all that he's accomplished.

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