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Robbie is 3 years old.

intentional learning

I was not very good about taking pictures this week. We've been preparing to travel for a family reunion (therefore, our very short week ended Tuesday night). I probably won't get to link this post to The Preschool Corner until Sunday or Monday because I won't have internet access.


I'm still nowhere near as consistent in this subject as I'd like to be. I guess reflects my inability to handle themes. I think I'll have to stick with simply reading and discussing the stories.

These are a few of the books that we currently use or have used in the past.


Since I didn't get to post a "Reading to Mommy" update this week, I'll do a quick one here. He's been doing his Phonics Pathways lessons several times per week (not daily, like he used to). I've been branching out to several types of readers for him this past week. He really loves the "I See Sam" books. His fluency is really improving.

These are some of the books he read to me and his Daddy this past week. A few "Bob Books", "I See Sam" books, selections from "Hop on Pop" and a "Progressive Phonics" book. I plan to let him work quickly through the "Progressive Phonics" beginner books and really focus on the intermediate books.

He's completed about 1/3 of his Explode the Code 1 book. To be honest, this feels much more like a spelling program than a reading program most of the time. We're only still using this because Robbie likes it.


I haven't really focused on actual writing with Robbie thus far, but he's been trying his best to write letters on his own and begging me to help him. I have been contemplating taking a slow approach with our "Handwriting Without Tears" preschool materials.

Here are a few practice sheets I made for him using StartWrite software.


Robbie is progressing very quickly through his Singapore and Horizons math workbooks. They were both supposed to last until all year. I have been trying to slow him down, but he devours the worksheets.

I'm pacing him much more slowly through the Activities for the AL Abacus (Rightstart method). I don't know if I can stretch out the first section (and corresponding games) over an entire school year, but that's my goal.

playful learning

He's had so much fun this past week on his new balance bike.

making mom smile

He received a new Woody costume from Aunt Mimi and Uncle Butch and never wants to take it off. I think he looks like a little kid from the 50's in this photo.


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  1. I love that photo of him as Woody. I skipped the beginner Progressive Phonics lessons and went straight to the intermediate ones (we started at book 6) with Bear. The reason your reading program feels more like a spelling program is that by spelling first, the child learns to listen for the letter sounds and this helps in the reading. Montessori also teaches reading in this manner by doing moveable alphabet work (pretty much like what Robbie is doing in the photo) and then moving on to decoding.

  2. Love his costume...my boys would love it too!! :)

  3. WOODY...TOO CUTE!!! I am currently looking into some beginner reading ideas, I'll be checking into some of yours, thanks!

  4. He is so stinkin' cute in his Woody costume!!! That's precious.


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