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Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 3 years old.

intentional learning

Well, we are sans-internet this week. I am posting from my Mom's computer, so my comments will be brief. I hope that the pictures will be enough.


After reading about Adam and Eve and the fall, Robbie made a serpent (he calls him his "bad snake"). I made sure to emphasize that the serpent was NOT a hero.

practical learning

Learning to help out:

playful learning

Some fun shots from this week:

(Mommy made the pie.)

natural learning

Loving a stray kitten after Mommy told him not to touch it.

extracurricular learning

He made a parrot, a pirate hat and a pirate ship at his Summer Reading Program this week.

making mom smile


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  1. I love his concentration as he colored that snake.

    I know I've said this before, but we have the same Batcave and it gets played with ALL the time.


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