Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 2.5 years old.

This week's work was way less formal than usual. We did many more play and craft activities.

Hands-on activities (with pictures) are featured in our Tot-School updates every Sunday.


"Joseph Forgives"

We also read the story of Joseph in several other books.

Memory Work: "Be kind to each other."


He's breezing through the short vowel lessons, but I'm including lots of repetition. I want to make sure that his short-vowel blending skills are firmly solidified before moving on (that was my issue with 100 Easy Lessons).

Finished Nn pages... he loves these, but I may or may not use Book C. I'm still on the fence about this.

He also read his first book to me only hours afte I posted last week (The First Bob Book, Mat). I was a super-proud mama! He was so happy. He has since read the second book, Sam, as well as a few other short-vowel readers.

Starfall.com - he was disinterested (I think it's boring him. Perhaps a break will make it seem fresh and new at a later date).

Some of this week's read-alouds can be found here.

- Fine Motor: basic tracing sheets (I made those by simply using a highlighter to draw whatever I wanted him to trace.)


I'm making notes of any ideas from the remaining lessons in this manual that I may want to try before gifting this to a good online friend of ours.


Manipulative Activities: Number Puzzles, measurements and comparisons using small dowels of graduated lengths, multi-link cubes, grid games

If you'd like to see how other parents are educating their preschoolers, visit the Preschool Corner.


  1. How exciting about reading first Bob books! Maybe you are raising another early reader. It looks like another busy and productive week in your Academy.

  2. I do love the final story of Joseph forgiving at the end of his story.

  3. Patternables is a nice book. It's for grades K-6 (I think) so it gets harder as the pages progress. Squeak was doing some of the easy pages and I was worried but then as I looked farther in the book, I saw that they became more challenging.

    Congrats on the BOB books! We have those here and Squeak enjoys reading them every once in a while. Though she can read, she is not very interested in reading yet for some reason. Oh well.

  4. Funny! You have the same curriculum we use/or have used.

  5. Did you like the Saxon Math K? Would you recommend it? I am still doing a lot of math activities with Bear and debating whether I need a curriculum to "guide me" in a more logical order.


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