Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 2.5 years old.

This week's work was way less formal than usual. We did many more play and craft activities.

Hands-on activities (with pictures) are featured in our Tot-School updates every Sunday.


"God Keeps Noah Safe"

We also read the story of Noah in several other books.

Memory Work: "The Lord watches over you."


He's still doing a lesson or two each day. Each lesson only takes minutes. He's reading simple words made with magnets. He continues to play the Short-Vowel Shuffle daily (he calls it the "honk game")

Finished Ss pages & is almost finished with the Nn pages. The concepts in these books are really simple, but he enjoys them and they're buying me time.


Starfall.com - he didn't want to play on Starfall this week... again

This week's read-alouds can be found here.

- Fine Motor: painting, stickers, drawing, coloring


I think we've dropped this. Mommy isn't happy with it. I can come up with most of this stuff on my own, plus I don't care for scripted materials. He's picking up most of these topics on his own naturally, anyway. We'll be starting some new Math materials after his birthday (end of May).

Numeral recognition, size, shape... he's nearly finished this. I've only seen one other child his age who would sit with workbooks for so long... and she wasn't a wiggly boy.

Manipulative Activities: Super Mind, Multi-Link Cubes

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  1. Are you thinking about using Horizons? I really love it but just need to find a balance with it before we start Singapore Math (then we'll supplement with HM!)

  2. It looks like a great week. Technically we use Critical Thinking for math, but practically my daughter hates worksheets with a passion - she is quite an opposite of your son :)


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