Outside Fun

It was such a pretty day and RockerTot had so much fun in the warm afternoon sun.

Something about his fireman sprinkler must make him want to jump!

He picked some wild flowers... some might call them weeds, but to a child they're beautiful flowers for Mommy. They're always more beautiful than the most expensive bouquet at the flower shop.

The ice cream truck came by. He enjoyed a Batman sherbert pop. (I had a taste, it was very sour.)

I picked up this little pool for $5. It will do for cooling off and water play until Papa (my Dad) opens his big pool next month.

He enjoyed transferring water across the yard in his frisbee.

RockerDad showed him how to wash the van.

When the van was sparkling, he decided to wash his tractor.

He did a great job rinsing off the soap.

He loved making more suds with the sprayer and bucket.

He rode his tricycle and tractor on and off all day, but the only picture I got was of RockerTot on RockerBoy's scooter.

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