Tot School

RockerTot is currently 23 months old.

We actually did several more trays but I have no pictures for those. We are making some minor adjustments to our method and we purchased some new materials (which I will post about later). Here's a quick recap of our week.

aka ScholarTot

Okay, so I know this tray looks weird, but it started as a pretty simple Play Doh tray to keep him busy while I cooked breakfast and (after several requests from RockerTot) many random items were added. Hey, it was just meant to be a fun tray, after all.

After breakfast, he tried transferring liquid with an eye dropper for the first time. I thought it would take him a few times to be able to do this one, but he got it immediately.

He transferred cotton balls with his new and improved tongs. You can read about them here.

aka ApprenticeTot

RockerTot always gets to take a ride (and sometimes steer) after RockerDad finishes the lawn.

He loves to pretend to mow with his bubble mower. He even stores it next to the big equipment.

We made smoothies together. Here is a photo of him adding the banana slices...

... and here he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

aka NatureTot

RockerTot stopped to show me a mushroom growing in our yard.

He then ran off to explore. This was one of the few non-rainy days this week.

Just Plain RockerTot

He loves to kick the soccer ball around the yard.

I snapped this photo of him playing quietly in his room. He hardly even noticed I was there.

RockerMoms Fave Photos

He really enjoyed rolling in the freshly cut grass.


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  1. Hi RockerTot Mum!

    I have given you a "Sisterhood" Blog Award!


  2. I love your play-doh looks like there are a lot of fun things to explore with!! I will have to try the water eye dropper activity with Emily. Thanks for the great ideas...I always enjoy your TOTSchool post!!

  3. Looks like a great week! I need to get out some tongs and let Sammy do some transferring!

  4. What a good idea to use an eye dropper to transfer liquid. I'll have to try that one and add it to my Tot School idea list.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cute, and great ideas! I love learning so much from other totschooling mamas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like your play doh tray too. I also love your huge yard! We make smoothies every day now and I just started adding spinach to ours; I am amazed that no one can taste the spinach at all. What do you put in your smoothies?

  7. What a fun week! I really like the idea about the tongs. I will have to try it.


  8. We LOVE going to pet stores for quick little field trips. There are pet stores next to some "Mommy stores" that they get to go in if they're good at my store.

  9. I need to let K try the dropper!!! I think he would love that and we have not done it yet!

    :) Carisa


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