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RockerTot is currently 23 months old.


We have changed our format just a bit. I have never left trays out for RockerTot until this week. He now has three out at a time and he may choose to do them whenever he wishes. He is also learning to put them back. He's really doing much better than I had anticipated. I'm working on placing many of his things at his level so that he can have a certain level of independence. We also started potty-training this week... read here to find out why.


aka ScholarTot

Transferring musical note erasers from the Dollar Tree and sorting them by color. I got the 3 wooden paperclip trays at Big K for $0.99 each.

Hammering and pulling out nails was popular this week.

I placed a large cookie sheet on the wall and we're calling it our "Letter Board". This week, I had his Leap Frog Fridge Phonics out for him to use. He played with this several times each day.

I found this slate at the Dollar Tree and he loved it. He called it "Petrie", from The Land Before Time.

This is our new tray area. I only have these three shelves, so I decided to put out three trays and change them out every few days for variety.

I made him this scaled down stair-stepping rods activity using foam from the Dollar Tree and drinking straws (i glued small dowels inside of the straws for added stability). RockerTot enjoyed this more than I thought he would (probably because of the "puzzle" aspect).

Here is a pic of RockerTot's new table setting tray. He was intrigued by this. I had to show him how to roll out the mat (he wasn't even sure what it was).

I traced his tableware onto the Dollar Tree placemat.

He loved cutting strips of paper. He's getting better!

These are tray activities that RockerTot asked (sometimes begged) for even though they weren't out this week.

...his Mickey Mouse stamp set... (Dollar Tree)

...beans and random stuff...

The First Words Puzzle Game. I figured he would work a few and move on, but he wouldn't stop until he had worked all 14.

aka ApprenticeTot

Here he is modeling his new apron from The Dollar Tree. It hangs on a low hook so that he can get it and put it back by himself.

I took this picture after he dressed himself for the first time. He likes to take his clothes off, so now he knows how to put them back on again.

RockerTot requested smoothies again while RockerDad was mowing the lawn. Here he is adding fruit. (I never plug the blender in until he's finished and the lid is on.)

... using his vacuum to clean the kitchen for Mommy...

aka NatureTot

RockerTot spent lots of time outside exploring nature, but we unfortunately forgot the camera. He went to the pond, the creek and spent lots of time in the yard. We also went to the pet store (which we call the "free aquarium") and he called the Bearded Dragons "dinosaurs".

Just Plain RockerTot

It's not that he only played once this week, it's just that this is the only photo I took this week.

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  1. I love the table setting idea. I am so "stealing" that one! Looks like you had a fabulous week.

  2. The table setting idea is great! :) We'll have to add that one onto our list!


  3. I like the idea of putting the activities somewhere they can reach them. I will have to figure out how I can do this at my house! I really like the place setting idea!

  4. Like everyone else I like the place setting idea. I love the Dollar Tree, but unfortunately we don't have one nearby. When I go visit family in July there is one right nearby so I will have to pack an extra bag to bring stuff home just from the Dollar Tree because it looks like there's a lot of great stuff there.

  5. I love the table setting idea too. I can't believe Rocker Tot is only 23 months old - he seems to do so well with all of the tot school activities, I thought he was older.

  6. Looks like I need to go to Dollar Tree this week! You have great stuff!

  7. What a great week! I love the new way you're writing about it, too. Having categories for things always helps me stay more focused and organized. I love the cookie sheet idea, the table setting, ok, well all of it! :)

  8. He amazes me each week, I love his place setting activity---I need to try that!

    :) Carisa

  9. What a great week! We love going to the "free aquarium" too!! I also love the table setting idea. Emily helps us fold the napkins for dinner...that is her "Job" as she calls it.

  10. We have a dollar tree nearby, and I go about once a week to see what I can find. I like the idea with sorting the mini erasers. I always see those, but never really knew what we could do with them. I also love the table setting idea.

  11. Mine call them dinosaurs too.

    I have the same little table as you, and my little one loves to take her clothes off.

  12. Meredith, I got the mini erasers idea from Carisa. I can't take the credit for that.

    Michelle, I tried to let him fold washcloths the other day, but he wasn't ready.

    Pucktricks, he got the table for Christmas from his cousin. It's been one of the greatest gifts he's received.

    Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and encouragement.


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