Kindergarten Wrap-Up: Week 4

I wasn't really good about taking pictures this week, but I've posted what I have.
Here are some highlights from week 4...

You can view Robbie's curriculum at the bottom of this post.
Robbie is still plugging away at all of his reading, spelling, writing and grammar materials.

He's started his October reading for the Pizza Hut Book It program.
He's really looking forward to getting free pizza.
Singapore math continues to be a favorite for both of us.

He soaked chicken bones in vinegar to learn about the importance of calcium.
He wouldn't touch them when they grew soft and bendy, though.
We've finally started assembling his "Me on the Map" lapbook.
There were no formal art lessons this week, but there was lots of creativity.

Robbie made several Lego Mario variations... these are just a few.
RockerDad took Robbie out and bought him his first two comic books.
They inspired Robbie to create a few of his own.

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  1. I love his own comic book - so creative!

  2. I love the Pizza Hut Reading program, we thought about doing that this year, but we have a non pizza eater. Love his comic book.


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