Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Well, we're (mostly) unpacked and settled. RockerDad's sister and her son were in for the long holiday weekend. (There's nothing like pending company to motivate you to unpack and organize.) Tyler was also with us last weekend. The three boys had so much fun together. We hated to see everyone leave.

We did manage to squeeze in a bit of learning during this very short week...


We are currently working our way through his NIrV Bible Story Book. I'll be supplementing his stories with the ones from his Beginner's Bible when appropriate.

Language Arts

Robbie's reading lessons are going well. I still struggle with my urge to make this more "hands-on" for him. He is fine without all the games and frills, but I feel like I should be doing them. I have been incorporating some things (and will be including more as we progress), but those will be covered in a future post.

He completed Lesson 3 this week in his Hooked on Phonics. This is a photo of him making words from lessons 1 & 2.

He did quite a bit of coloring this week.

I know it seems weird to have this in the "Language Arts" section, but it's just one more thing that is helping to refine and strengthen his hand, wrist and forearm muscles in preparation for writing.

I posted some photos of the items we currently have on Robbie's literacy shelves in my weekly Reading With Robbie post.


We only did one Rightstart lesson today (and I think we may do another one today), but he played with items from his Math Shelves every day.

Everything Else

Robbie turned four on Monday.. here are some pics from his birthday weekend:

We took a drive to the Ocoee River on his birthday.

Oh, yeah... and we started our space month this week. This will not be a very intense unit study. It will simply be a lot of space-themed fun (when we feel like it).




  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Love using the screwdriver for muscle control. Great idea!

    Just popping in from the wrap up.

  2. Looks like a lovely week you had! Thanks for sharing with us what you're up to!

    Stopping by from the HHH and following you!


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