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I must start this post with a bit of a disclaimer: Robbie has been reluctant to play his Leapster. I think he finds the slow pace, predictability and lack of excitement in the games boring. However, I've recently shelved both the Nintendo Wii and the DS due to behavior problems (mostly stemming from me telling him he can't play or something similar).

I've been allowing Robbie short "gaming" periods this week with the Leapster. I have not been well and haven't had the energy to do many things, other than read-alouds with him this week.

I just wanted to share a bit about the Leapster 2 games and give you the opinions of my 3.5 year old boy.

Toy Story 3

Robbie likes some of the activities on this game, but not all of them. He really seems to enjoy the math activities more than the reading ones. He says it's "a baby game". Oddly enough, he also says that, if he could only have one game, it would be this one. I suppose the characters make it fun.

1st Grade

This game was sent to us as an act of customer service due to a learning path defect in the Scooby Doo: Math Times Two game. I debated getting the Kindergarten one instead and I'm so glad I didn't. He has adored 1st Grade since receiving it. He loves making words... in fact, this is the first game where he enjoys more than simply the math portion.

Scooby Doo: Math Times Two

This is the game that he spends the most time playing. He can't really tell me what he likes about it (I've asked), but he obviously does. It's geared for slightly older children, so he only plays the first few difficulty levels successfully. He's really into addition right now, so I guess that's why he spends so much time with this one.

This post is based on Robbie's comments, actions and my own observations of him as he plays. I'm not sure how I feel about these games, personally. I'll ponder this for a while and perhaps post my thoughts later.

Oh, and I'm just sharing opinions. I have no connection with Leap Frog in any way (except as an anonymous customer).

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  1. My 6 yr old loves his leapster, however, my soon to be 4 yr old daughter is so so on it. I am hoping she takes to it, it's great eye/hand coordination and has great games!


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