Looking Back: Toddler Winter Activities

Activities for Two and Three-Year-Olds

Looking Back is my way of sharing posts that may be buried way back in our archives.  I hope that some of these ideas might be helpful to someone.  (If not, it's still fun for me to look back at the fun we've had.)

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Here are some winter-themed activities Robbie enjoyed when he was a toddler...

I used to set out some of our Legos in a small bin to go with whichever theme we were using.  I placed white and clear legos along with some fun accessories during our winter theme when Robbie was three.  He had lots of fun creating winter scenes.
Winter-Themed Lego Bin:  White and Clear Legos, Penguins, Styrofoam "Snowballs" and more!

We chose some "wintery" Hot Wheels cars and used a few white towels for some pretend play.  He really loved the ramp and the snow drifts we created with folds and wrinkles.
Driving in the Snow - Pretend Play

Robbie was never really a big fan of sensory bins, but we did have a few he enjoyed. This one contained shredded paper, styrofoam balls, glitter ball ornaments, clear glass rocks, glue stick "icicles" and some clear plastic tongs.  I also dripped white glue down the sides of the bin to make it look iced over.  (It peeled right off when we were finished.)
Snow and Ice Sensory Bin

Play-Doh bin... this was probably his favorite thing of all.  I cut out a paper snowflake and laminated it onto blue construction paper so that he could roll balls and squish them into the snowball shape.  He also had a polar Play-Doh playset that came with white and silver glitter dough.  He's six now, and he will still spend hours with Play-Doh.
Play Doh Bin with a Winter Twist

I've made a few winter printables in the past for Robbie.  You can download these for free, if you'd like.  (These link to the original posts.)

Free Printable Games and Math Sheets for Winter

I hope you've enjoyed looking back with me!

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