Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas from the RockerFamily!!  

I thought I'd share a bit of what we've been doing as we hit the home stretch for Christmas.  We (finally) moved into our new home last week.  We're still getting settled, but I hope to be blogging about schoolwork again in January.

Here's a peek at our holiday fun...

A bit of tree-trimming with my mom (Moo) while Minerva plans her attack.

St Nicholas Day goodies!!.. grubby sneakers filled with sweets and a new book!

We made paper snowflakes and Robbie put them on our tree.

Holiday photo shoot.  Can you tell they weren't really wanting to participate?

I appreciate each and every person who reads our little blog and wish all of you the best of holiday seasons!!

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  1. Oh that last set of pictures made me laugh out loud. Not want to participate? You don't say? You are a brave soul for moving right before Christmas. My hat is off to you. Merry Christmas!


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