Pirate Day!!

We declared last Friday as "Pirate Day" in our home.
I located many of our pirate-y things and brought them down into our main living area. 

Here are a few of the things we did...

We didn't have many pirate books and, since we didn't exactly plan ahead for this,
we didn't get to the library for more. It was okay, though, since it was only a single day. Robbie enjoyed reading Usborne Beginner Pirates and Do Pirates Take Baths? to me.

He really loved the Ultimate Pirate Sticker Book. He learned a lot about different types of ships, weaponry, etc. He also learned that, while it's fun to pretend to be a pirate, they weren't really good guys.

His pirate treasure. The pattern blocks made lovely gold coins and precious gems. He also had a little drawstring pouch for taking a bit of his "booty" to spend. :) 

We built a wooden pirate ship from an inexpensive kit. He chose to color it with markers. 

Once the main parts were assembled, we painted a layer of white glue over the marker to keep the colors from bleeding onto our hands. It was a cheap sealer, lol. 

After the glue dried, we finished by adding the sails and rigging. 

We also built a lego pirate ship using his fire ship and some k'nex pieces. This one was big enough for the guys from his Pirate Toob to sail on. 

Of course, he played his Skylanders Pirate Seas Adventure Pack. (Terrafins' grunts and noises crack me up... honestly, he sounds just like one of my brothers.)

He also played with his LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Captain's Cabin set. 

Robbie, RockerDad and I had a movie weekend with our "Pirates of the Caribbean" blu-rays. 

Anyone who knows Robbie will know that he dons at least one costume per day (usually three or more, lol). Friday was no exception, but I didn't get a photo. Here is an old photo of him in the same costume he wore on Pirate Day. We had so much fun!! 


  1. looked like a great day! Love the creativity!

  2. What fun!! Sammy would have loved to join right in on the pirate fun as well!

  3. Wow! What a fun day!

    I always tell my kids that if they don't brush their teeth, they'll wind up with "Pirate teeth"!



  4. You can never go wrong with Pirates!


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