Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap Up

Well, this will be the last Weekly Wrap-Up while Robbie is 4 years old. He will turn 5 on the 30th. I'll still consider him to be in Pre-K until September, but it's weird to think of having a five year old.

Language Arts

Robbie read these books to me and/or RockerDad.
We gave up on our cookie sheets for All About Spelling. He's only 6 steps away from finishing Level One. He's very excited to get to Level Two. Unfortunately, I simply didn't budget for it this soon.
We got our magnetic whiteboard and rearranged some of our "school wall" in the kitchen to be able to mount it at a convenient height for him. He loves it!
I didn't get many photos of Robbie, himself, this week. Of course, the one I got of him spelling words ("Donkey Kong"... after his lesson) was of him in all of his bed-headed glory. LOL!
This is Robbie's writing mat. I have been doing a bit of reading about teaching lefties to write properly and decided to make this mat. It shows him where to place his paper (the harsher angle which is recommended for left-handers). The little arrow at the bottom is to point at his belly button (to keep him from crossing his midline while writing). I included an alphabet strip, as well. We school at the kitchen table, so he doesn't have a dedicated desk. I thought this would be a good solution. It's working well. He can easily see what he's writing, as well as what he has already written.


Robbie played with Base Ten blocks for the first time. He was fascinated. He was making teens and exchanging units for tens.
He did quite a bit of exploring and comparing.
He also built a house with the thousand cube and ten rods as well as some stairs out of hundreds flats.
We also used our teens foldables. (Click the image below to download file from previous post.)

Everything Else

We visited the local stadium where the filming of 42 is taking place. Everything was "green-screened", but it was still neat to see.... before we were asked to leave.
I snapped this photo of Robbie drawing a picture from his Nintendo DS. He doesn't like to be disturbed while he is drawing (photos included), so I was lucky to get this without a bit of a meltdown.
He found a "how to" video on YouTube and made a large Lego Mario. He was very, very upset with me for taking a pic before it was finished.
I can't explain his expression, but he wanted me to take a picture of his finished Lego Mario.

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What have you been up to this week?



  1. We've had several movies filmed in our town, it's always cool to see how they do things!

  2. What a great week. Happy upcoming birthday to Robbie and thanks for joining WMCIR!

  3. I love how he gets disgruntled over the photos. I'm not the only mom who does that to the kidlets. lol

    popping in from pre-k corner


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