Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap Up
I was really pants at taking pictures this week.

I am slowly incorporating items from his upcoming Kindergarten curriculum, but I won't consider him a "Kindergartener" until this September. Between now and then, I hope to iron out a schedule (something I'm not great at) and get him used to being required to do school (since it's mostly optional, now).

Our current focus is on character, so we are currently alternating between "Gotta Have God" and "Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book". The Scarry book is short, so we will soon switch it out for "The Children's Book of Virtues".

Language Arts
Reading was something that Robbie did NOT want to do this week, but he did manage to complete the ee/ea lesson in his Hooked on Phonics. He also read "The Cat in the Hat" and "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish". He has not quite finished "Kate and the Talent Show". Daily, he completes between 2-4 pages in his Explode the Code book.
All About Spelling 1 is new for us this week. He is LOVING it!! He's mastered 6 steps in 4 days. He loves the progress charts and is fascinated by the tiles.

While it is usually his favorite subject, math was sort of a bust this week. He did 4 or 5 pages in his Singapore Intensive Practice book and played with his math balance and some math card games, but there was no real continuity. He probably learned more than I'll ever realize, but I feel like we didn't do math.

Everything Else
Robbie had a creative week. He was usually drawing or making Lego creations. He helped RockerDad grill steaks for dinner one night (he really just watched). He also had lots of fun being a scientist at the local children's museum. He was really into seeing the insect parts slides through their microscope.

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What have you been up to this week?



  1. Aww! What a fun week. I miss all the Dr. Seuss books now that my kiddos aren't littles any more!

  2. Ooo, you're reading some of our favorite books. Great week!

    Popping in from Pre-K corner


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