Community Workers: Math and Literacy Shelves

For the month of August, we're doing things a bit differently on our shelves. Instead of our normal rotating math and literacy activities, we are having lots of trays and baskets to help with pretend play. These are centered around our Community Workers Theme.

For the past few months, Robbie has been mostly ignoring the items on his shelves. Sure, he may try something.. but once he does it... he's done with it. I suppose it's my fault for not challenging him appropriately or something along those lines. I know that it's also because he has been overindulged with screen time. We are using this month to wean him down to a teeny amount by September.

Anyway, I'm hoping that these new trays help inspire less of this:

... and more of this (pretending to bandage RockerDad's finger):

So, here are the trays, so far. (More will be added soon. I still have to purchase a few things for the others.)

Baker's Tray
(Hat, apron, mitt, play-doh and various kitchen tools for fun..)

Construction Tray
(I know, there's actually no "tray", but I think he will enjoy playing with his wooden tools anyway.)

Doctor Trays
(I included a real first aid kit from the Dollar Tree so he could have supplies. The ibuprofen bottle is empty, of course.)

Grocer's Tray
(We priced everything together and are already having fun purchasing and making change. It's a great math activity.)

Community Helpers
(The little figures were on clearance at Hobby Lobby for around $2.00.)

Police Tray
(Yes, I know there is a toy gun. We are okay with that. We handle this our own way. Dollar Tree is where most of this is from.)

Other Stuff
(Easy 30 piece "Town" puzzle from the Dollar Tree, Fire Fighter word cards and "helper vehicle" Hot Wheels... with a few normal cars to help.)

He has costumes for many of these in his room, so I'm hoping that I'll be doctored, well-fed, protected and have many construction projects all month long. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to include our books:
(Most are read-alouds, but the red basket holds the books he is re-reading to gear up for the new year and his new level of reading lessons.)

You can see more of the things I hope to try on my
Community Helpers Theme Pinterest Board.

The printables were downloaded from Homeschool Creations. Jolanthe is a genius. :)


  1. I LOVE these trays!! They are so fun. :) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your trays look like great fun! :)

  3. Your trays and the way you display items make everything look more like a game instead of "work"... I love that. I want to incorporate as much fun as possible into learning. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I want to play too! The brown play dough is perfect for the baker's tray!

  5. So fun I love the tray lol, I'm just dropped by, thanks


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