Reviewing ch- and sh- digraphs

Reading With Robbie

Our main focus this week has been a review of the digraphs ch- and sh-. Robbie read and spelled several words beginning with these.

He used these letters to spell many ch- and sh- words, as well as review some of his helper words. (I teach him the phonics rules for these as we encounter them. He then has no problem sounding them out very quickly, just as he does any other unfamiliar word. They soon become familiar, though, and he's learned some new phonics rules!)

He also used our consonant digraph printables:

Here are a few of his helper word review activities. I made these for the week's words plus a few old ones for review, but you can download Carisa's amazing You Can Read! printables over at 1+1+1=1.

He also did a few of the alphabet pages in his Brainquest K book. He doesn't mind coloring or mazes, so he doesn't fight the "baby work" (as he usually calls it). He also likes the handwriting pages.

It's been a great week and he's loving his lessons.

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