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These were most definitely Robbie's favorites from the past week. Incidentally, we will probably be keeping "If You Find a Rock" from last week's post yet another week.

"A Child's Garden: A Story of Hope"
Michael Foreman

This book looked good at the library... and it would be for an older child. The story was wonderful, but it was a bit too sad for my sensitive three-year old. The images of destroyed homes, soldiers ripping out the garden, etc. really disturbed him. I know to pre-read stories, why didn't I this time?

A Drop of Water

"A Drop of Water"
Walter Wick

This book is subtitled "A Book of Science and Wonder", and it is. From the tiniest droplet through the water cycle, this book covers different states, forms and properties of water in a very engaging way. This would be a great book from which to base a mini science study of water.. and I think that's just what we'll do. After all, I don't have to run out to the store to purchase water. :)

"Doctor Dan, the Bandage Man"
Helen Gaspard

A classic Little Golden Book about a boy who finds a keen interest in bandages and helping others when they are hurt after getting hurt himself. Robbie loves this book (we've read it before) and it always sparks at least 24 hours of Dr. Robbie imaginative play at our house.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"
Jan Brett

I know, we've read this one before, but we will be reading one fairy tale or fable each week this year. To ease back into our working routine, I figured that starting out with something familiar would be a good idea. We love this retelling by Jan Brett. As with all of her work, the illustrations are beautiful. I'm so thankful for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and those groups who manage this program in their local areas. A child who is signed up at birth would enter kindergarten with 60 books in his or her personal library that were totally free.

While Robbie isn't reading these himself yet, he quite often reads a sentence here or there (or, on occasion, a whole page). I always initiate a mini-narration from him when we're finished so that I know he understood the story. Of course, we read more than these, but many have been listed before, will be blogged about at a later date or weren't worth a report.

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  1. Brett's version of Goldilocks looks fabulous. My daughter loves that story so we'll have to find that version.


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