Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 2.5 years old.

- Started working through Phonics Pathways: we backed way up from where we could have started because I love the way that it includes built-in left-right tracking exercises in the two letter blends (eyerobics). He's enjoying it and the review can't hurt him. He's also chosen the "Short Vowel Shuffle" game as a favorite.
- Get Ready for the Code: Finished!!! We've started Get Set for the Code (just a few pages).
- Starfall.com - he finally got back on there (he's loving the Word Hunt with the bunny)

- Kumon Tracing Lessons 37-38 (only two left - I may buy this again for him to work through - It was very useful)
- Fine Motor: Play-Doh, Lacing Cards

- Kumon Numbers 1-30: Lessons 9-10
- Saxon K... may be dropped very soon... I'll post if/when that happens
- Manipulative Activities: Attribute Blocks, SuperMind, Linking Cubes & many more... it's been a mathy week

- Several St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Activities

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  1. Starfall is one that our girls used to use and I forget about with our boys! Need to let them start using it again. :)

  2. Can you tell me why you might be dropping the Saxon Math?

    eric_danielle at netzero dot com

  3. It's a great program for preschool, but I'd prefer to stay with a topic a bit longer instead of jumping around so much. We have tons of manipulatives, so we'll continue to do tons of hands-on math. We'll probably still use it sporadically for the next few months, but I'm not concerned with finishing the book.


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