Creating A Puzzle

Backstage Pass

**I do NOT recommend allowing your tot to use any of these items unsupervised.**

I picked up this blank wooden puzzle at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 the other day. I thought it would be fun for RockerTot to decorate.

I wrote his name in Sharpie since he's never had a name puzzle before. I thought he'd like that... I was right!

I gave him his markers and let him do as he pleased...

... he'll probably do some more coloring to fill it in... or not.

He felt very special to have a puzzle with his very own name (and I felt happy that it was so inexpensive).


Tools for Tots


  1. great idea! love it. im going to go get one

  2. Oh how I miss Hobby Lobby! I'll have to check JoAnn's or Michael's to see if they have one of these b/c this is such a great idea.


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