Hermit Crabs?

RockerTot: "Mommy, do you like hermit crabs?"

Me: (confused by the question) "Do I like hermit crabs?"

RockerTot: "Yes, do you like them?"

Me: "Ummm.. yes, I like hermit crabs."

RockerTot: "Me, too. They hug you."

(For the record, we've never owned or even spoken about hermit crabs. I'm still baffled by this one... and I'm not sure I'd want a hug from one.)

EDIT: I've now discovered that he learned about hermit crabs from an episode of Dinosaur Train.


  1. That is HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE conversations with kids ages 2-4. The BEST! Oh my gosh, I am still laughing at that. "They hug you." Ha ha ha ha ha!


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