Tot School

RockerTot is currently 24 months old.

I was just complaining the other day that I hadn't done much official Tot-School with RockerTot this week. I'm looking at this post and I realize that I was very wrong. RockerTot learned and experienced so much this week, but most importantly he had tons of fun!!!

aka ScholarTot

RockerTot was very excited to see the grated cheese container come back out. I love the intense look of concentration on his little face.

He wanted to try to pick up the toothpicks with his tongs, but he found it a bit difficult. Perhaps I'll bring out the tweezers next time.

I brought out RockerBoy's Connect Four game and RockerTot decided to sort the checkers into columns by color...

... he later found it hilarious that he changed his plan. I think he thought he was getting away with something.

He still enjoys his dress the bear puzzle.

I'd almost forgotten about his choo choo. He finally finished painting it!

I brought back out the cards I had made for him to use with his pattern blocks. I still haven't made him some new puzzles for these. Luckily, he didn't seem to mind.

He transferred water with a small measuring spoon. He is now learning to blot any spills with his cloth.

He then switched to the dropper. He was much wilder, messier and more defiant on this particular day than he normally is. I had to take the transferring tray away in the end.

He also did every letter on and we read several books together this week. I'll try to make a list in future posts. I'm really bad about ignoring/forgetting anything that isn't documented in a photo.

Just Plain RockerTot

.... at Vacation Bible School!!!

RockerTot working on Monday's craft (a picture frame) with his new buddy, B.A.

Playing a game with B.A. in the classroom.

Hiding in the nursery changing table... Sweet Pea found him!!!

Performing in the closing presentation on the final night. Sorry for the grainy photo, it was very dim in the sanctuary.

aka NatureTot

... this week, THE ZOO!!!

RockerBoy, RockerTot and RockerDad checking out Hank, the 40 year old Chimpanzee at our local zoo. There are more chimps there, but Hank is something of a local celebrity.

.. the boys posing in front of a mural ..

.. and in half of a canoe ..

RockerTot liked learning about the different sounds that chimpanzees make to express different emotions.

He was awe of the big, loud birds.

He loved the petting zoo. He showed no apprehension..

.. neither did his big brother.

Here are a few photos of some of the other animals he liked:

... some kind of turtle or tortoise ... the exhibit did not actually specify ...

... an African Crowned Crane ...

... a deer, its shadow and its reflection ...

... peacocks ...

... raccoons ... (I think these two used to do La-Z-Boy commercials.) ...

RockerMoms Fave Photos

RockerTot enjoyed his first plum picked fresh from Papa's orchard. Thanks, Papa!!

Can you spot MY wildlife in this photo??


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  1. Great week. Every week I think that we didn't do much tot school and then I look through my photos and I'm usually surprised at how much we have done.

    I love the Spiderman pajamas.

  2. looks like a great week! I think I am really going to try to get back into tot school, it seemed to help both her and I organize our day!

  3. Where did you get the pattern blocks? I like the idea of making my own cards. I have been thinking of buying the Melissa and Doug set (~ $20), but I was wondering if you had found a cheaper alternative.

  4. Great week...we have been trying to get to the zoo too, I am hoping for next weekend maybe. It is funny I always think that we didn't do much and then when I am going through our pictures realize we really did do a lot of things too!

  5. Wow... you did so much this week. I sometimes don't realize how much we have done until I look at our photos at the end of the week. It looks like the boys were busy and most of all happy!!

  6. You did so much this week! I was rereading my tot school post and realized I left out tons of things we did, mostly because I didn't have pictures! Pictures are so helpful to help remember.

  7. I love seeing how you do your weeks. I ALWAYS get great ideas from you!

  8. Wow, you guys did do a lot this week :) I love the idea of using connect four as a tot school tool. I have to do this soon as well. And congratulations on your pregnancy. That's wonderful news :)

  9. What a great week--again! I can't wait to go to the zoo when we're back in the States.

  10. Looks like a fun week. I love the zoo pics. We go to the zoo all the time, but I never seem to capture very good pics.

  11. I really enjoy your TotSchool posts - you are so organized. RockerTot is lucky to have a big brother and appropriate his toys :)


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