First Grade: Week 3

First Grade: Week 3
Week 3.. cells, cave paintings, supermoons and more!!
It seems to be difficult to get into the swing of things.  Every week or two has been (or will be) interrupted with various life thingies (yep, that's a technical term).  This week, we finished up what we didn't get to last week.

Here's what I have...

I have no photos, but language arts continues to steadily progress. Robbie has even been caught reading on his tablet a few times... once for over 45 minutes straight!!! I was so happy, since he claims that he dislikes reading.

Math has mostly been Singapore Intensive Practice while he learns his multiplication facts.  He also does some addition and subtraction sheets to keep sharp.  Much of his practice and learning, though, are through games.

Ancient History: Early Man
stone tools, copywork and cave painting

We finished up our studies of early man and the first settlers.  During some of our daily "media blackout" time, he took out his rock collection and used a few of them to make some stone tools (with dried-up markers for handles).  I was pleasantly surprised by his ingenuity.  He also mixed his own paint (flour, water and food coloring) and did a cave painting on some brown shipping paper.

Books used this week:

First Grade Science: Cells
Our cell model was a favorite this week... the glue wasn't quite dry in the close-up.

We made a cell model out of air-dry clay and food coloring.  It was tricky figuring out how to make some of the parts (see the straws used while the endoplasmic reticulum and it was difficult for my impatient six-year-old to wait for it to dry.  It was all worth it, though.  He kept going back to it and loved being able to handle it.

Books used this week:


Learning the Greek Alphabet
I never knew that we'd have so much fun learning the Greek alphabet.

We're still enjoying our daily Greek alphabet lessons.  We're taking it slow (not for Robbie, but so that I can remember things).  We play games, write to each other in "code" and he's coloring alphabet cards.  (I promise, I'm not an affiliate of Classical Academic Press, we are just really having fun with this!)

Videos from this week:

Apps* from this week: 

*Links to apps are for Amazon App store (affiliate links) or the Google Play store. His Nabi2 is an Android device.  I'm sure that the apps (or similar ones) are available for iOS, as well.

Our blurry Supermoon and Robbie and RockerDad as they observed it.

As always, our week was filled with silliness and fun, but we weren't able to venture out due to car problems (BOO!).  We did manage to sneak a peek at the Supermoon.  Robbie enjoyed viewing it with the binoculars his Papa (my Dad) gave him.  Poor RockerDad got out of bed to see it.  He was so sleepy, but he wanted to witness Robbie's excitement.  :)

Oh, and Robbie lost his third tooth!  (All three have been on the bottom.)

Well, that was our week.  What was yours like?  Leave your blog links in the comments so I can check them out!!

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  1. Sounds like a terrific week. I am glad Robbie is warming up to reading. That cell model looks fantastic!

  2. We enjoyed learning about the cave paintings in France.
    I really love your cell model, too.


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