Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 18

Kindergarten Wrap-Up
We've had a great week (and I even managed to snap a few pictures).

Copying more spelling rules..
 The books below are ones Robbie either read on his own, to me or with me (we alternate pages for the longer books). He listened to "James and the Giant Peach" on his iPod. These are actually for the past two weeks.

Math Bingo 
 Finishing up his experiments/projects from his Mad Professor Science Kit...

We had a cowboy day!!
Robbie draws several times a day...

Skylanders puzzle...
 ... which was, unfortunately, missing a piece straight out of the box... 
Snow!!! (from a few weeks ago, but I wanted to post a shot of what will probably be our only snow this winter)

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  1. Wow, busy week! I love the variety that you provide and a cowboy Day too! You have quite the little artist there. Great idea to use the ipad to find images to reference while drawing. My little artist would like that idea!

    1. LOL.. he tends to tire of a theme after a day, so I go with what works. He loves to find images of his favorite characters online and draw them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a creative presentation for your wrap up! I hope you'll consider adding this to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap. -Savannah

    1. Thank you! My posting has been erratic this year, but I hope to be more consistent next. We've linked up a few times. Thanks for sharing your link up!

  3. Love the Cowboy Day idea! I have nominated you for a homeschool bloggy award--the Liebster Award. Enjoy!


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