Children of the Corn

RockerDad and I took the boys to the local corn maze on Sunday. We had a great time!!

The guys were leading the way. (Usually the boys.. this was the only time RockerDad was in front.)
Robbie thinks we should go both ways.
Look closely.. can you see Robbie and Tyler waaaaaaay down that row? That was about halfway down. It was a LONG corridor in the corn field.
The boys were exhausted after the maze and ready to sit and enjoy the hay ride.
Robbie checked out the pumpkins in the patch.
Before we left, the boys had a water balloon battle at the "Water Wars" station. Robbie needed RockerDad's help.
Tyler did a great job on his own. He's Mr. Independent, anyway.
They really had so much fun. We may go back before the season ends.

1 comment:

  1. Great Pics and I'm sure the boys all had a wonderful time.

    I suppose She Who Walks Behind the Rows took the photos since there are none of her.

    ~Aunt Toby


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