Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Edition #4

Robbie was at my parents' house for the first part of the week, so this was mostly a "play" week. We did manage a few school-ish things, though.

We've been doing a very (VERY) laid back knights theme for a few weeks. Honestly, it's been kind of hit or miss most of the time. I am happy to report, however, that construction on his castle has finally ceased. (I'll post more about the construction soon.) 

He did a few things for his knights lapbook. Here he is trying to pick the perfect (to him) colors for the basic weaponry he was coloring.

We decided to build a Tinkertoy catapult we had found on Pinterest, but discovered that we must have a smaller set than they had... so, we improvised. It may not be pretty, but it worked!! 

Robbie had a blast flinging mini marshmallows all over the living room. 

Okay, here's a bit of "real" schoolwork (for all you sticklers for pencil-pushing): spelling from dictation. It was a small review to see if he still remembered when (and why) to use 'ck' or 'k' to end words. The only one he had trouble with was "pick", but that was because he originally thought I said "pig". Ummm... and, NO... "fart" was not a word I called out. That was all Robbie. He said it was his "bonus word".

Of course, there was some math, reading to Mommy, read-alouds and more.. but no pics of those.

We are stuck at home because RockerDad's car is out of commission (so he's taking my van to work). Unfortunately, this means less outside time (although, he did get to spend a considerable amount of time outside at my parents' house). I suppose that's how Robbie rediscovered our Wii Fit Plus. Here he is doing some strength (I think) exercises during snack time. 

I managed to snap a photo of him drawing the cover to his "Donkey Kong Jungle Beat" game. He didn't even get upset with me for taking the photo this time! 

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  1. Wow, what great school work you are doing this summer!

  2. ROFL Love his spelling list. Kids are the best!!!

  3. Fart word cracked me up. So age-appropriate :)

  4. I love the castle, catapult, and the spelling word! Too funny! He would get along well with my daughter!

  5. Ha ha ha, on adding the word, I understand the problem.

    I could have sworn I'd commented earlier, sigh...... I love the catapult, it looks like so much fun.

    Thanks for linking to Science Sunday!


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