Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Edition #1

This week was a week of activities, parties, ballgames and more...
we didn't actually do enough schoolwork to blog about.

Robbie, Tyler and Jayden had a big birthday blowout at my parents' pool. There were many water guns to be had... no dry person on the deck was safe.

RockerDad captured this fun shot of Jayden and Tyler mid-splash.

Robbie enjoyed his birthday cake.

After the party, RockerDad took our boys to a AA Minor League baseball game. I went to one with Robbie and RockerDad the following day.

Robbie received several LEGO sets for his birthday. Here he is playing with his LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus. He was so proud to have built it himself.

We took a trip to the local dairy, but they weren't giving tours that day. Robbie got to milk the fake cow, though. It was much more difficult than he expected.

While we were there, we just had to have some ice cream.


What have you been up to this week?



  1. Love the cute picture with the oversized baseball! Also, I really want a chocolate cone now :/

  2. Happy birthday to your little man!!!

  3. Oh, I love your photos of summer!!! Wonderful!


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