Robbie's New Favorite Subject

Robbie has been begging to do spelling... a subject I originally wouldn't have dreamed of starting this early. My son's desire to write changed my mind. I want to do my best to stop bad spelling habits before they start.

After reading all the hype regarding All About Spelling, I was sure it was too good to be true. I was dead-set against ever using it (thanks to my contrary nature, lol). I dithered and researched so many programs, but I relented just before I hit "submit" on our big order for the year. It truly felt like an impulse purchase.

I didn't even plan to start the program with him before this coming Fall when he officially starts Kindergarten, but he saw me assembling the materials and wanted to try it... INSISTED, is more like it. He started Level 1 at the beginning of this month and mastered Step 17 (of 24) today. I am truly amazed at his progress, level of understanding and retention. The only bad side I can see is that I'll have to shell out $40 very soon for Level 2 (and I'm known for being a cheapskate).

This has truly been one of the best academic purchases I've ever made. I suppose that, sometimes, it's okay to believe the hype.

**I am NOT an affiliate. I am not trying to sell this program. I know that what works for one family or child will fail miserably with another. My opinions are based on our limited experience with the program. Robbie is learning and he is excited about spelling. I simply felt the need to share.


  1. Keep an eye out, I'm always seeing giveaways for gift certificates on different blogs, I've gotten some of my stuff that way.

    Also, check out Homeschool Creation's curriculum clear out, there's always someone giving away that stuff.

  2. Thanks, I'll do that. I was really not expecting to have to buy Level 2 before December, at the earliest.


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