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*Please excuse the picture quality. Our camera is barely hanging on right now.

Here is a pic of our current math shelves. You can see Robbie's little wooden calendar from one of the bargain bins at Target as well as his Singapore math books. (Yes, I know, our science and read-alouds are also on this shelf).
Robbie's addition cups. I made these from foam sheets and craft sticks (both from the Dollar Tree).
I managed to get a shot of Robbie using his clock tray with his Rightstart clock cards.

In addition to the above items, he also has a tray with basic number cards and a junior abacus for when we play "Go to the Dump" (Rightstart Math Game) as well as his regular abacus (which he uses for free-play and sometimes for his math lessons).

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish I was that organized with my stuff. I just have a drawer where everything gets tossed into when we are done using it!

    Found you through the Friday Hop and am now following you. Hope you see you back!


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