Making Our Own Jellyfish


We started by coloring our flattened coffee filters with markers.

We dropped water onto our filters to help the colors bleed and blend.

After the filters were partially dry, I placed them each over an upside-down bowl (paper or styrofoam) to help them form.

I decided to stack the bowls (with another on top) to help the forming process. When they were completely dry, we glued them each to a bowl with a glue stick.

We used glitter glue to decorate ours, but you could use whatever you want.

One of Robbie's took over 24 hours for the glitter glue to dry because he used so much. (He has one of the lids on his pinky smearing it around... LOL.)

While we waited for the glue to dry, we cut some wavy strips of tissue paper and some ribbons.

We also read about jellyfish.

Finally, Robbie got to glue on the tentacles.

The start of our "Ocean Life" board. (Please ignore the wallpaper. We are renters.)

We each still have one to finish. This has been a fun project. Robbie doesn't always have tons of patience for crafts, but he really loved this one.

You can check out my Ocean Theme Pinterest Board for additional ocean life ideas.


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  2. These are pretty neat. Looks like he had fun making them.

  3. Very cute. We might make them too next week, since we are going to go to Monterey aquarium looking at real jellies.


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