Hot Rods and Another R-Controlled Vowel Printable

Reading With Robbie

Learning to read on a short week...

Robbie picked up the "ar" sound very quickly this week. For reinforcement, he's been coloring our r-controlled vowels word cards and our new ocean-themed "ar" word cards.

Today, his reading lesson had him read instructions. He thought this was very cool. He got to cut and fold to create a paper hot rod. (I copied the hot rod onto card stock so that we wouldn't have to cut up his book.)

The instructions...

Decorating his hot rod...

Of course, he's still doing a page in his Explode the Code daily and reading lots of books to me and RockerDad. He's also reading most of the conversations between characters on his Super Mario Galaxy 2 game and anywhere else he sees printed words (sometimes with a bit of help).

I can't wait to see what fun things others are doing with their children as they learn to read.


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  1. Just stopping in from the TOS crew to say hello! I'm excited to get to know everybody this year. Your blog is awesome, I love the clean format! Mine looks so cluttered compared to yours... I'm a new follower!

  2. Great activity! I really like the phonics based approach to learning to read, with some sight words thrown in here and there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. How has he enjoyed HOP? I was part of their parent/blogger discussion group when they were developing it and my son loves the dvds!

  4. Allie, he loves HOP. We don't use the DVDs very often. He prefers to just read out of the workbooks. I'll probably be more diligent with the DVDs when we hit the 2nd grade level as it seems to introduce a ton of letter sounds and combos that Robbie doesn't know.

    I love that the format is clean, easy to use and holds my son's interest.

    Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  5. I bet that really encouraged him to read it knowing that he was going to get a toy in the end!

    Coming thru from Link & Learn


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