R-Controlled Vowels Printables


Since the consonanant blends (beginning and ending) which are the main focus of Hooked on Phonics 1st Grade seem to come pretty naturally to him, I thought that Robbie could begin to learn some of the skills which will be taught in the 2nd grade levels. HOP 2nd grade seems to cover many skills, so having an emerging grasp on them will (hopefully) make it go as smoothly as the other grades have.

I decided to start with some basic r-controlled vowels, as these come up fairly frequently in his everyday reading. These printables are simply words to color (or trace) with the vowel and the r underlined to help him remember the rule.

Click to Download

Simply click the image above to download the printables. I don't know if these will be helpful to anyone else, but I thought I'd share them... just in case. :)

Here are some other free r-controlled vowels activities and printables:
Bossy R's
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