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Reading With Robbie

As Robbie makes his way through his reading lessons (which we will probably be speeding up... what is covered in the rest of his Hooked on Phonics 1st Grade seems to be pretty natural to him), we are having fun with some games and other fun things.

He plays Boggle, Jr and works these puzzles... I don't have pics of him working the puzzles. He can now find all the pieces to the 3, 4, and 5 letter words (one letter per piece) for all 26 puzzles. It takes time to find the pieces, but I'm happy that he knows which letter he needs. (It's a bit frustrating for him when he finds the correct letter, but it's to a different puzzle, though. LOL)

He always plays Boggle, Jr with the flap covering the word. I think he's spelled every word in the stack too many times, now. It's just getting too easy.

The most challenging part is turning over all the dice to find the letter... lol.

Even though it's easy, he still has fun with it...

He made RockerDad a card for Father's Day using letter stickers. He spelled 100% phonetically, so it was very cute. I don't have a pic, though. :(

RockerDad found this old Scrabble Sentence Cube game at Goodwill for less than $1.

Robbie and I have had fun creating silly sentences for each other to read.

We've had lots of fun with these games and puzzles. What reading and spelling games do your children like?


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