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intentional learning


He's still steadily improving in his reading abilities. Since most of our reading is spent snuggled up together, I rarely get photos of him actually reading.

Here are a few shots of him doing lessons on Reading Eggs. I know that he was constructing 4 and 5 word sentences using letters in one of these photos. I'm not sure what he was doing in the other, but it was making him giggle.


He did lots of tracing, gluing and cutting this week. I only got this shot of him cutting pieces for his Bible craft, though.


We played many physical games including a game where we jumped around the room skip-counting. Obviously, it was difficult to get shots when I was involved.

Here he is making quantities on the abacus without counting. He's mastered these, but I've been too lazy to move on and he hasn't been complaining about doing them.


We froze several small objects in ice cubes and made observations as we tested different methods of melting the ice to remove them I'll post more about this soon. He's been asking to do it again, so I guess it was a hit.


He made snowflakes using white glue and cotton swabs.

playful learning

Robbie had lots of fun making a fun playground for his penguins out of white Lego bricks and items from his sensory bin.

Some other winter/snow/ice-inspired play:

Hot Wheels in the "snow" (white towels).. read more about this fun

This puzzle (cut from a Christmas card) was very simple for him to put together, but he loved it because he had a hand in its creation. I've got to remember to pick up some more 100 piece puzzles for him at the Dollar Tree. He's bored with the few we have.

He's still having fun with his arctic play-doh set.

natural learning

Playing in the snow with his beach toys...

making mom smile

... playing his DS upside down ...


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  1. Lots of great activities this week! I love the penguin playground he made!

  2. Following you from Friday Bog Hop.


  3. So much fun! I LOVE all the hands-on stuff!


  4. What a great week! I love your Lego playground for penguins - very creative!

  5. I love the ice cube activity and the trucks in the 'snow' :) Fun!

  6. Love the Legos! Kids are so creative with them. Me? Not so much. =p


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